This website is home to an inquiry into sustainability, big sustainability, for want of a better term. It is primarily concerned with photography and the Anthropocene and seeks to better understand the role of photography at this time.

Kristin has a BSc in Chemistry, an MMS in Environment & Management, and an MSc (Distinction) in Sustainability.

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  • An ecological photography would make clearer ‘errors in thinking’ which have caused the Anthropocene?
  • Ecological photography is ecologically literate.
  • What is the effect of environmental photography on worldviews? nature-culture?
  • Environmental photography has not made significant progress on environmental issues.
  • How does context affect seeing?
  • Current art practice is a barrier to seeing.

Ways of Looking at Non-human Nature

  • Beauty, awe, wonder, love.
  • Pollution, mess, harm.
  • Order, domination, mastery, technology will fix it, inert.
  • Anthropomorphism, connection, empathy, assimilation, stewardship.
  • Non-anthropocentric, position from nowhere.
  • Close examinations, empiricism, respect, partnership.
  • Imagined/speculative examinations.